Trash Folder

to delete files temporarily and restore

Permits the recovery of deleted files and folders.

Trash Folder

Move in or Out Your Folders to Trash Folder

Click into the Trash folder to hunt for your missing file or search for the file by name from the search field at the top of the page.

trash folder leave note
resource deletion

Resource Deletion

Needs to be manually restored before use. When a resource is restored from the Recycle bin, it is taken out and put to use right away.

data recovery

Data Recovery

Backups of data are kept safe by cloud backup and recovery. Access to the storage is provided by the cloud, along with potential access to additional managed backup and recovery services.

What is a Trash Folder?

Deleted things are temporarily stored in the Trash folder until they are permanently removed. Users have the choice to retrieve deleted files. All deleted files or folders are kept in the Recycle Bin and are not permanently eliminated from the hard drive until they are manually deleted by the user. Recycle Bin additionally enables you to retrieve all of the stored files to their original storage place.

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