File Sharing

to share documents, images, spreadsheets

Keep everyone in your team up-to-date by sharing files in private, through direct messages, and channels. Share everything from presentations to spreadsheets to code snippets with your team so you can work faster and smarter.

File Sharing

Collaborative File Sharing

Share files in real time with your team, whether you are nearby or far away.

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simple file transfer

Simple File Transfer

Connect your team and get everyone on the same page with cloud storage, you can stop emailing attachments back and forth, avoid conflicts, and keep projects moving.

sharing files securely

Sharing Files Securely

Provide all the documents that are necessary to discuss with your team without fearing that someone outside of your team will view them. Send the file name to your team or create a private channel to let them know. The files you share in private channels or messages are only visible to the persons you include and are searchable by them.

pin files

Pin Files

Quickly access crucial files in the cloud whenever you need them. Save the most crucial team discussions and documents so you can access them later.



Keep up the communications, files, and documents synchronised while you transition between devices. Switching between devices is no longer a challenge. Thanks to 500box, you can work whenever and from anywhere without ever missing a communication or file again!

What is File Sharing?

The file sharing tool enables rapid file sharing for improved team involvement and faster work. Without moving windows or tabs, you may simply share documents, graphics, photos, and links from cloud storage. Through the end, the file-sharing tool allows you to safely and secretly exchange all of your files in direct messages.

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