Online Storage

to securely upload documents online

Convenient place to share, access and backup files with others from any location.

Online Storage

Online Storage Keep Your Files Safe and Organized

Access your files from anywhere, share them with others, and keep them safe and secure.You'll never lose a file again with our secure online storage.

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file storage

File Storage

Crucial component of any computer system is file storage. It is in charge of keeping track of every file kept on the system and ensuring that it can access it when necessary.

storage security

Storage Security

Give your team access to all relevant documents without worrying that someone outside of your team will view them. Send your team the file name or create a private channel to communicate with them.

file archiving

File Archiving

Older files are deleted automatically and replaced by newer versions. Regardless of how many previous versions there have been, file archiving will keep a copy of each.

What is Online Storage?

Online storage is a type of data storage that is stored on a remote server. This type of storage is often used by businesses and individuals who need to store large amounts of data. Online storage is a convenient and cost-effective way to store data.

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