Backup Files

to protect important data from accidental loss

Allows you to ensure that crucial documents are not lost in the case of a disaster, swiftly recover from a system crash, and fast restore damaged data.

Backup Files

Backup Files and Folders Online

Utilize a cloud backup to access your data from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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cloud backup

Cloud Backup

Helps you quickly restore your data in the case of a disaster while adding an extra layer of protection for your data.

automated backups

Automated Backups

Ensures that your data is always safely and automatically backed up, eliminating the need for manual backups or even if you forget to do so.



Users can access their data from any device, at any time, from anywhere, making it easier to collaborate with coworkers and share important data with clients and business partners.

What are Backup Files?

Data copies known as backup files are made to ensure that the original data can be restored in the case of a data loss incident. Normally, backup files include all of the user files, system files, and application data needed to return a machine to its initial configuration.

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