Cloud Activity Tracking

to keep track of each cloud commit's activity

Maintain a close eye on the activity to enhance your analysis as the upload progresses.

Cloud Activity Tracking

Cloud Activity Tracking to Monitor Cloud Commit

Work more productively all day long by monitoring cloud activities.

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live monitoring

Live Monitoring

Helps in evaluating the infrastructure based on the cloud. This function monitors the functionality, security, and accessibility of critical cloud applications and services.

custom alerts

Custom Alerts

Send customized messages,alerts, and instructions to the employee's activity and manage them remotely.

recent reports

Recent Reports

Receive thorough reports on employee activity so you can control the workflow.

activity logs

Activity Logs

Get a record of how long each employee spent updating data in the cloud, and if necessary, come up with a better solution.

What is Activity Tracking?

It isn't easy to always be physically checking up on your workforce about the work being done and their activities. With activity tracking feature, check progress of any task and job. Using Cloud Storage Software, multiple users can have the same document open and collaborate on it in real time. You can also save documents to the cloud directly.

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