File Storage

to maintain vital data backups

Allows users to quickly and easily retrieve data when needed and provides a secure means of storing data.

File Storage

Save and Access Important Data Storage Files With Ease

Allows for simple cloud data storage that is accessible from any internet-connected device.

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simple backup

Simple Backup

Files can be quickly backed up and stored elsewhere, providing an additional layer of protection against accidental deletion or data loss.

management of data storage

Management of Data Storage

Assures that data is free of malware and viruses, protected from unauthorised access, and frequently backed up.

file transfer

File Transfer

Allows users to view and work on files from any location with an internet connection by allowing users to share files across multiple devices.

What is File Storage?

Files Storage is the temporary or permanent storage of data on a computer. Storage files include databases, spreadsheets, papers, archives, and media files, to name a few. Storage files contain information such as user profiles, preferences, application data, and more.

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